Harry’s Story


Harry’s Story

It is said that in the holy temple families are organized forever. May I share one family’s somewhat unusual story?

Megan grew up in a home where her mother took in foster children and mentally handicapped adults. Hence, when she married and began raising her children it seemed natural that she would follow her mother’s example.

In December 2008, she and her husband received word that a number of individuals would shortly be needing a home. The case worker thought there was one they would love, and suggested they meet Harry. Megan walked in and Harry looked up at her and did the most adorable chuckle laugh. She was instantly taken with him and called her husband to finalize arrangements for Harry to come home with them.

In January 2009, Megan and Cody took Harry home, and over the course of the next year, the family fell in love with him. That cute little chuckle laugh proved to be Harry’s disposition. He was always happy, always smiling at everyone, and he fit into the family so well. Indeed, he was a member of the family. Even their family photos had Harry in them.

Then came a sobering thought—what happens at death? Will we lose him? This picture proved to be too much to bear. He was a beloved member of the family. So Megan and Cody began to look into adopting Harry. When they asked him what adoption meant to him his child-like response was, “It means I don’t have to worry anymore”.  With that answer, Megan and Cody knew they needed to proceed. It was difficult to say the least, but they persisted in love until finally, March 2015, Harry was adopted into the family. But that was not enough. Their efforts now turned to the Temple and the sealing blessings. How could they face Harry in the next life knowing that they had not done all they could to make him a part of their family forever.

Finally, permissions were granted, recommends obtained, and on a beautiful spring day the family went to the Temple with Harry. Word spread and all was abuzz about this unusual family. They told their story again and again. What was so unusual about a young family adopting a child not born to them? Harry Germann, mentally handicapped from birth, was 82 years old—a grown man but still a child.

Harry had been dropped off at a hospital in September 1939, and from there he was tossed around from place to place, until finally he had landed in the group home, where he lived for 30 years until that day when he looked up at Megan and chuckled.

Thank the Lord for the two great powers that bless families—love that binds us together and the sealing power that makes it forever.

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  1. Jennifer Neale says:

    What a moving story. I loved it. My heart was touched with love and gratitude for this family and to know the Lord never forgets us. We are special in His sight! Remember the sparrow?!

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