The Deaf Man

The Deaf Man by Galilee Somewhere on an unknown mountain near the Sea of Galilee, Jesus came and sat down and “great Read More

Joseph Millett

Joseph Millett It was 1871, and times were difficult for those called to settle a tiny little farming community called Spring Read More

The Cyclone of 78

The Cyclone of ‘78 June 1878, all was quiet and peaceful until suddenly from nowhere a tornado swept down on the unsuspecting Read More

John Hawley 1839

John Hawley 1839 One cold February day, Wandle Mace and others discovered a group of people stranded on the west bank of the Read More

The Visiting Teacher

The Visiting Teacher In commemoration of the organization of the Relief Society March 17, 1842, I would like to share a Read More

Photina, The Samaritan Woman

Photina the Samaritan Woman The Samaritans of Jesus day were a people more despised than a gentile. They were considered a Read More

Quincy: City of Refuge

Quincy: City of Refuge October 27, 1838, Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued an executive order decreeing that all Read More

The Conversion of Brigham Young

The Conversion of Brigham Young They were a typical large New England family--very poor—so poor in fact that the children Read More

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith March 25, 1832, sometime in the wee hours of morning a mob of angry men crept towards the home of Read More

Peace in Bethlehem

Peace In Bethlehem   We live in a noisy turbulent world filled with hate and the love of war. What is Read More