Photina, The Samaritan Woman

Photina the Samaritan Woman The Samaritans of Jesus day were a people more despised than a gentile. They were considered a Read More

Quincy: City of Refuge

Quincy: City of Refuge October 27, 1838, Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued an executive order decreeing that all Read More

The Conversion of Brigham Young

The Conversion of Brigham Young They were a typical large New England family--very poor—so poor in fact that the children Read More

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith March 25, 1832, sometime in the wee hours of morning a mob of angry men crept towards the home of Read More

Peace in Bethlehem

Peace In Bethlehem   We live in a noisy turbulent world filled with hate and the love of war. What is Read More

Handcart Rescue for Thanksgiving 2014

This Thanksgiving may I share a story of real gratitude? Tuesday, October 21, 1856. The members of the Willie Handcart Company Read More

Amasa Lyman and the Tender Mercies of the Lord

Amasa Mason Lyman Two missionaries came into the small New Hampshire community of Lyman. Living there was a young man, 19 years Read More

Orson Pratt’s Revelation

Orson Pratt When Orson was about 18 years old his soul was awakened unto God. He began to “pray very fervently, repenting of Read More

Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee

Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee Emily was born in England in 1836. She grew up with an unusual interest in God. “I was much Read More

July 24, 1847

July 24, 1847 July 24, 1847 About 11:45 AM Brigham Young riding in the carriage of Wilford Woodruff entered the Salt Lake Read More