January 21, 1836 A Night of Vision

January 21, 1836—A Night of Visions The Lord will reveal himself to us when, where, and how he pleases. It is not by the will Read More

Mary Jane McCleve

Mary Jane McCleve August 21, 1851, Mary Jane McCleve was baptized in the Irish Sea not far from County Down in the Read More

The Will to Go On

The Will to Go On The Lord once said, “Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” Read More

Susan Melverton Witbeck

Susan Melverton Witbeck Susan Melverton first heard missionaries teach the restored Gospel when she was only 12 in Somerset, Read More

Arthur Parker

Arthur Parker July 1, 1856 Somewhere on the overland trail in Nebraska. About noon, six-year-old Arthur Parker, feverish and Read More

Mary B. Crandal

Mary B. Crandal June 11, 1856, the wind came up and the dust blew so fiercely that the travelers could scarcely see one Read More

Little James Nathaniel

Little James Nathaniel Wednesday August 31, 1853, Israel Barlow stood in a small cemetery in the village of Nauvoo, Read More

Isaac Leany’s Miracle

Isaac Leany’s Miracle A volley of bullets smashed into Isaac Leany’s gun shattering the stock in his hands and tearing away Read More


    Tucker Out of the mouths of babes profound things can still be learned. Not long ago Tucker and Read More

Glenn Rawson Stories from Ed Week August 20, 2015

Lydia Goldthwaite Bailey In October 1833, Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Father Freeman Nickerson traveling to Mt Pleasant, Read More